Do you love birds? Would you like to help NCLT get ready our bird boxes ready for the spring nesting season? We have two ways to get involved:

Birdhouse Clean-out:
We have 35 bluebird-type bird houses that need to be cleaned of last year’s nests. Clean-out is a simple process involving opening the box with sliding a pin; photographing the nest inside (if any); raking it out with a trowel or sturdy stick, and re-closing the box. All bluebird boxes are mounted to posts, and are easily accessible at the following locations:

  • Hicks Meadow (6 houses)
  • Silvermine-Fowler & Still Pond (5 houses)
  • Hannan Eberstadt Field (4 houses)
  • Livingston-Higley (4 houses)
  • Hawkins Meadow (on North Wilton Road) (2 houses)

Cleaning can be done any time before late March.

Birdhouse Monitoring:
We have added quite a few new boxes in recent years and are trying to better understand what birds are using and/or nesting in them. To this end we are looking for volunteers to observe nesting activity on a weekly basis from April to mid-July. Simply choose a preserve, visit on a weekly basis, and record what birds are nesting in the boxes at that preserve.

If you would like to help with either of these please email NCLT’s Stewardship Committee Chair, Susan Bergen.