Summer Steward Internship

NCLT’s Summer Steward Internship engages high school students in multiple aspects of land conservation and stewardship. Much of the program is spent stewarding NCLT’s properties by building and maintaining trails, controlling invasive species, and creating habitat for local wildlife.

Throughout the internship, participants learn the science and philosophy behind sustainable land use, including the identification of native and invasive plants, the impact of historic land use on today’s ecosystems, and the importance of maintaining diverse habitats across the landscape.

In addition to having a fun and rewarding summer experience, interns are compensated at a weekly rate for their participation in the program.


We are no longer accepting applications for our 2020 program.
Details about our 2021 program will be posted in the spring of 2021.

“I gained an understanding of working in the outdoors, a new knowledge and appreciation for the New Canaan Wilderness, and an overall understanding of how the Land Trust works and what it’s about.”

Andrew Gallois

2017 Intern

“My favorite parts of the program this summer were the projects where we built things like trails and water bars. I would recommend this program to a friend or do it again because it was a good way to stay active in the summer.”

Griffen Dayton

2017 and 2018 Intern

“One of the best programs I have come across in New Canaan”

Parent of an Intern

“I think that the program offered a good balance of work, education, discussion, and fun. I came in the first day not knowing anyone, and by the end of the program, many of the other kids became my friends. It was also a nice environment to work in as it was educational and fun while we were also seeing the impact we were making on the property.”

Katharine Reiss

2017 Intern

“I would recommend to a friend 100%…You learn lots of new things and sometimes get pushed outside of your comfort zone. That allows you to grow as a human, and its a great experience”

Javan Mitchell

2017 and 2018 Intern

“This internship has gone above and beyond what we expected for our son. It has been fun, organized, and educational. Thanks to the NCLT staff and other adults and volunteers for sharing your knowledge, passion, and talents with the interns. It is a wonderful lesson in stewardship.”

Maura Craig

Parent of an Intern

2019 Session 1

2019 Session 2

2018 Session 1

2018 Session 2