Irwin Park to Nature Center GreenLink Trail


Location: Between Irwin Park and the New Canaan Nature Center

Access: Visitors should park at either Irwin Park or the Nature Center.

Date Protected: 1974, 1977     Acreage: 9     Trail Length: Up to 2.5 miles

Visitation Hours: Dawn to Dusk     Dogs Allowed? Yes, on leash



Conservation History: The Land Trust owns three parcels of land along the GreenLink Trail, all located between the town-owned Irwin Park and Nature Center. These three parcels were donated by the Hupper family (2.3 acres in 1974), Betts family (5.2 acres in 1974), and Fischer family (1 acre in 1977). In 2015, a crucial pedestrian easement was granted to NCLT, linking all of the properties, and making way for the creation of the GreenLink Trail.

Plans for a Trail: The idea of linking New Canaan’s various parcels of open space has been around for decades, with the original “Green Links Organization” working on this goal since the 1980s. When the Green Links Organization dissolved in the early 2000s, NCLT continues to carry on their work by creating new trail systems.

After securing the final pedestrian easement in 2015, planning for the trail began. Construction of the bridge, raised walkways, and other improvements occurred over the winter of 2017/18, and the trail opened on Earth Day of 2018. The trail has since become one of the town’s most popular walking trails.

Thanking our Supporters: This GreenLink Trail was made possible through the generosity of the Land Trust’s members, a grant from the New Canaan Community Foundation, and support from the Town of New Canaan.

Recreation Opportunities: NCLT maintains its GreenLink Trails for pedestrian use. Visitors to this trail will enjoy the beautifully crafted walkways that traverse through unspoiled wetlands, as well as the woodland path that meanders alongside ponds and vernal pools. 

The trail is also part of a larger 2.5-mile walking loop, accessible from downtown New Canaan. This loops connects Irwin Park to the New Canaan Nature Center, thus enabling visitors to wander through the meadows of Irwin Park, enjoy the beauty of the wetlands protected by the Land Trust, and stop by the Visitor Center at the Nature Center, all without having to get into a car.