Scout Projects

NCLT is fortunate to partner with local Girl and Boy Scout troops, and has benefitted from the completion of some amazing projects, listed below. By providing the space for these leadership projects to be carried out, we look to deepen the level of engagement that youth have with natural places, and to provide the opportunity for continued engagement, service, and stewardship.

If you are a scout and are looking for a service project, please contact us!

We gladly work with scouts to develop a project that they are passionate about completing, and that will meet the requirements for an Eagle Scout or Gold Star project. We also have smaller projects that can be used to help scouts or patrols meet their community service requirements.

Ram AdaljaGreenLinkBuild and install bird housesIn Planning
Claire BrunnerWatson SymingtonRaised Wooden WalkwayIn Planning
Esha DagliTownwideMarketing/Awareness SurveyUnderway
Brian GoreyWatson SymingtonReplace Bridge at West Rd. EnteranceIn Planning
David HansonFirefly PreserveReplace Wooden BridgesIn Planning
Amanda HillStill Pond PreserveRaised Wooden WalkwayUnderway
Justin GeneralisColhoun PreserveRaised Wooden WalkwayIn Planning
George MegdanisColhoun PreserveKiosk Installation, Parking Area ImprovementsIn Planning
Nick MegdanisLivingston HigleyKiosk Installation, Water Diversion Bars on TrailIn Planning
Michael RemingtonWatson SymingtonWater Diversion Bars on TrailIn Planning
Will BesgenColhoun PreserveTwo Natural Benches, Raised WalkwaysComplete: 2019
Richard EttingerHicks MeadowDriveway with Gate Leading to Parking AreaComplete: 2019
 AJ BoydWatson Symington Build & Install Wooded BenchesComplete: 2018
JT GulikFowler PreserveRemove Invasives & Build Brush PilesComplete: 2018
Dylan KortmanWatson SymingtonWater Diversion Bars on TrailsComplete: 2018
Sam MarshHicks MeadowBuild Kiosk and Woodchip Parking AreaComplete: 2018
Matthew PeiserHicks-Kelley AudubonTrailhead Kiosks and Trail MarkersComplete: 2018
Max PlumWatson SymingtonReplace Bridge at Pond SpillwayComplete: 2018
Josh VetterliColhoun PreserveWooden Plank Raised WalkwayComplete: 2018
Bobby CarpenterColhoun PreserveWooden Plank Raised WalkwayComplete: 2017
Peter DantiniHicks MeadowDriveway with Gate Leading to Parking AreaComplete: 2017
Gus LarsonFowler PreserveCouncil Ring Seating AreaComplete: 2017
Andrew WeitzFowler PreserveStill Pond Walkway & Bridge ConnectorComplete: 2017
Schuyler AmesBrowne & Colhoun PreservesBuild & Install Wooded BenchesComplete: 2016
Kevin BrunnerColhoun PreserveWooden Plank Raised WalkwayComplete: 2016
Esha DagliBrowne PreserveInterpretive Signage at EntrancesComplete: 2016
Johnny FreyBrowne PreserveRepair/Replace Raised Wooden WalkwayComplete: 2016
Charlie MarshGreenLinkRaised Footbridge Accessing Nature CenterComplete: 2016
David SiegelBristow Bird SanctuaryPond, Vegetation, & Signage WorkComplete: 2016
Colin VetterliStill Pond, Hannan Field, Livingston HigleyKestrel & Wood Duck BoxesComplete: 2016
John BemisWatson-SymingtonWest Road Entrance GateComplete: 2015
John PeiserStill Pond PreserveWalking Path and Natural BenchComplete: 2015
Joe PeiserColhoun PreserveWooden Gate & Parking AreaComplete: 2014
Michael HerdeWatson SymingtonWellesley Drive Entrance Gate and TrailComplete: 2013