Browne Preserve

Location: Northeastern New Canaan, along Valley Road

Access: Visitors should park on Colonial Road, near its intersection with Valley Road. The trailhead is located directly across Valley Road, through a wooden gate.

Date Protected: 1969     Acreage: 10.3     Trail Length: 0.75 miles

Visitation Hours: Dawn to Dusk     Dogs Allowed? Yes, on leash

History: The Browne Preserve was donated by W. Prichard Browne in 1969, making it one of the first properties protected by the Land Trust, just two years after its founding. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the land was part of an expansive farm, the farmhouse for which still stands at 1124 Valley Road.

Recreation Opportunities: NCLT has established, and continues to maintain a walking trail at the Browne Preserve. The scenic trail affords visitors views of the neighboring Grupes Reservoir, and allows visitors to learn about the history of the property through occasional interpretive signs. In recent years, scouts have helped to improve the property through the construction of raised walkways and benches, and the installation of trail signs.

Stewardship: NCLT works to promote a healthy forest ecosystem at the Browne Preserve. In 2015, a number of trees were selectively culled to promote the growth of fruit- and mast-bearing trees, which are vital food sources for migratory birds. The material from these trees were subsequently used to build wildlife brush piles that provide homes for insects and small mammals. NCLT continues to steward the property by removing invasive species and monitoring the overall health of the forest.

Other: Explore the property in 360 degrees on Google