Front row L to R: Stefano Triant, Richard Ettinger Austin Grillo
Back row L to R: George Triant, Margie Ettinger, Spencer Reeves, Richard Ettinger, Michael Geller, Peter Dantini, Jr., Peter Dantini, Sr., Ethan Geller, David Siegel, Michael Reeves
A dozen scouts and parents teamed up on a wet Sunday afternoon to expand the trail systems on the Hicks Meadow – Kelley Uplands property just north of Cedar Lane. The scouts braved the heavy rains to push through almost a half-mile of new trail, allowing trail users and visitors to the property to safely explore what had been an overgrown and under-maintained section of the 41 acre property.
This weekend’s progress added to work the scouts had completed the week prior, which includes an impressive trail connection that will link the former Audubon property to the Silvermine-Fowler Preserve, a trail that is still under development.
Most of the work included clearly the invasive euonymus (burning bush), trimming back overhanging branches, and collecting poles to line the trail which cross two stone wall openings, and a group of white pine trees that were heavily impacted by hurricane Sandy.
Light chainsaw work was required on a few sections (and performed by a scout father), but most of the boys handled the work with shears, and clippers, and bow saws. More work will be done through the fall to clean up remaining trash and modestly clear any remaining obtrusive brush.
A big thank to the Scouts and parents of Troop 70 for braving the elements and contributing your service to the betterment of our community!