There’s something incredibly satisfying about transforming an overgrown, tangled mess into a neatly trimmed and clean space. Before we started, there were weeds taller than us, but after our hard work, everything looked so tidy and organized. It felt like a real accomplishment, and I couldn’t stop admiring the before and after results!

Another fun project we did was building a post after digging a hole for it. It may sound simple, but it was actually pretty cool! We got to use tools and work together as a team. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

Let me tell you about our encounter with these pesky invasive plants called garlic mustard. Man, that stuff was everywhere! We had to clear what seemed like an entire forest of it, and to be honest, it got a bit monotonous. But hey, we pushed through and got the job done! It was a valuable lesson about the impact of invasive species on our environment.

But it wasn’t all work and no play. Our friend trips were the best! One of my favorite trips was when we visited Fairgate Farm. We harvested all sorts of things – it was like a farmer’s market right there in the middle of nature! We gathered fresh fruits and veggies, and we got to eat them too! It was like a delicious reward for all our hard work.

Looking back, I can honestly say I had a fantastic time with the NCLT. The camaraderie among our group members made everything even more enjoyable. It’s great to be surrounded by people with the same passion for nature and conservation. I’m already looking forward to doing it all over again next year.


When I first started the internship, I was kinda worried about the long hours and the scorching heat. But guess what? It turned out to be so much fun, and I ended up loving every bit of it!

The other kids there were super friendly, and we all got along really well. It made the whole experience feel like hanging out with friends. We were always encouraged to take water breaks, so the heat wasn’t such a big deal after all.

Spending time at the Land Trust was a fantastic chance to get out of the house during the summer. Who wants to stay cooped up indoors when a whole world of nature is waiting to be explored? Plus, it was a great learning opportunity. The folks there are incredibly knowledgeable about the environment, and they were so excited to share their wisdom with us. I feel like I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for our local environment and how important it is to take care of it.

Let me spill some highlights from my time at the Land Trust. First off, using a weed wacker was a blast! It made me feel like I was in some action movie, taming the wild grass and weeds like a pro. The daily lunch ratings were hilarious! We’d try different foods, like Welches or Mots fruit snacks (we had some debates about that), and rate them like we were food critics.

Every Friday, we’d have these awesome field trips to other organizations. They’d teach us all about their missions and what they do. We even got to help them with their work! It was like getting a backstage pass to see how different groups positively impact our community.

I can’t express enough how glad I am that I got to be a part of the Land Trust this summer. It was more than just an internship; it was an adventure filled with fun, learning, and making a difference. So, if you ever get the chance to do something like this, don’t hesitate! It’s totally worth it, and you might discover a whole new passion for nature and conservation like I did.


The first week, the Land Trust hooked us up with safety gear and these cool t-shirts to wear while we were in the field. Safety first, right? Then came the real excitement – learning how to use some serious equipment! We’re talking lawnmowers, weed whackers, and loppers. 

My personal favorite was the lawnmower. I felt like a champion as I cleared those overgrown trails, making them look neat and tidy. But that’s not all! We also got to tackle this plant called garlic mustard. Let me tell you, that stuff was invading everywhere, and we took it upon ourselves to kick it out!

We went on our first-ever field trip to Sound Waters on the Long Island Sound! We got to check out some awesome sea creatures swimming around in the water. It was like having our very own little aquatic adventure!

Onto the second week. We took on a creative project – making a new sign for one of the Land Trust properties. To Home Depot we went, all geared up! It was a ton of fun, and we each took turns using the equipment and paint. We ended up with a fantastic sign to mark our territory!

The second week wouldn’t be complete without another fantastic field trip! This time, we hit up a farm in Stamford. We got our hands dirty and helped with the harvest. They let us take some of the delicious food we picked home with us. 

As we rolled into our third week, we cleared those overgrown trails like pros. Rain couldn’t stop us! Well, except for that one field trip, unfortunately. Mother Nature had different plans, but we didn’t let that dampen our spirits. We decided to explore the Audubon trails in Fairfield instead.

This internship was a total game-changer for me. I had so much fun, learned new skills, and saw how important conservation is. The Land Trust opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. I’m definitely keeping my interest in conservation alive, and who knows where this newfound passion will take me. 


You know what was really cool about the Land Trust? They understood that trying new things should be about having fun and not feeling pressured. No one pushed us to do anything we weren’t comfortable with, which made the whole experience even better. It was like being in a judgment-free zone where we could explore and learn at our own pace.

Now, let me tell you about my favorite tool – the lawn mower! Oh, man, I had an absolute blast with that bad boy, and it made clearing those trails feel like an adventure.

Field trips were a highlight, but I must admit, the hot weather tried to slow us down a bit. Still, we powered through and made the most of it. Exploring new places and learning about nature was totally worth it, even if we were sweating like crazy!

Oh, and let’s not forget about lunchtime! The Land Trust made sure we were well-fed and ready for action. The first week was especially delicious – we got to try local food from New Canaan. I live in Stamford, so all these lunches were dishes I’d never had.

My time at the New Canaan Land Trust was a fantastic experience. I got to try new things, have fun with the lawn mower, and go on exciting field trips. The hot weather tried to slow us down, but it didn’t stop us from making the most of every moment. And let me tell you, the food was a delightful bonus! I’m grateful for this opportunity, and it’s definitely left me with a newfound appreciation for nature and conservation.


I had the most amazing time at the Land Trust! I joined this group because I love nature, and I’ve got some serious skills when it comes to working with my hands.

The best part was the bonding experience. From the start, I clicked with Theo, our Intern Coordinator, and the other high schoolers. It felt like we’d known each other forever, making everything even more fun. We were like a real nature squad!

Learning how to use a weed wacker was a total blast! It’s like having a superpowered trimmer in your hands, cutting through those stubborn weeds like a boss. But, hey, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. I had a little mishap when a stick got the better of me and cracked my safety glasses. Ouch! But it’s all part of the adventure, right?

Speaking of adventure, let’s talk bugs. I gotta be honest, they weren’t my favorite part of the whole experience. Mosquitoes must have thought I was their all-you-can-eat buffet! Those little suckers loved me a bit too much. And don’t even get me started on the giant roach and that creepy spider I encountered.

But you know what? Despite the bumps and bites, I wouldn’t trade my time at the Land Trust for anything. It was like living in a real-life nature documentary, with all its ups and downs. I got to do what I love, bond with awesome people, and experience the wonders of the great outdoors. Thank you, Land Trust, for this unforgettable adventure!