Observant NCLT’ers may have noticed a section of the beautiful stone wall bordering the Route 123/Canoe Hill field had ~ a 4 – 6 foot section collapse recently. Cause unknown, possibly the result of a car accident or simply the natural history of dry walls in New England.
There were plans for Greg Fallaci, mason, to rebuild that section along with light repairs along the entire wall which is required to address the normal wear and tear related to ground movement with the freeze/ thaw cycle, deer rubbing the wall and more.
I was caught off guard last week to find the job done before I had a chance to finalize a the details with Greg. In investigated with the mystery solved as I learned Mike and Chris took the initiative to rebuild the wall. Greg Faillaci, stone mason extraordinaire, has some serious competition.
I challenge NCLT’er to tell where the work was done. It will now take an incredibly observant NCLT’er to find the rebuilt section.
Nice job Mike and Chris.
Land Steward