Friends of the Earth at a volunteer day earlier this fall.
Below is a letter of thanks written by NCLT board member Dr. Haik Kavookjian, thanking the New Canaan High School Friends of the Earth Club. The Club is lead by dedicated naturalists and former NCLT Summer Stewards Will Santora, Christy McGough, and others. Dr. Kavookjian has been instrumental in coordinating not only the work of the Service League of Boys (SLOBs) but not also with groups like the Friends of the Earth.
As the Land Trust expands its reach to new and diverse groups of community members, we rely on building these partnerships to deepen our value within the community by providing the space for people to get out and experience nature. If you or someone you know would like to volunteer your time, coordinate a group hike or work day, or just learn more about how the Land Trust works to make New Canaan a more livable and lovable town, please do not hesitate to be in touch, by phone, email or through social media.
The Friends of the Earth (FOE) should consider a name change to FONCLT- you guessed it, Friends of the New Canaan Land Trust. On Saturday, December 3, under the leadership of Will Santora and Ray Pacchiana, a group of FOE members expanded the traditional reach of the NCLT as they began to tackle the untackleable, i.e. the NCLT property on the corner of Buttery and Carter

[The Louise Hoyt property, 3.3 acres of mixed hardwoods donated to the Land Trust in 1974. See 2016 Summer Steward John Peiser’s detailed report about the history of the propertyby clicking here].
This is a big move forward since with the commitment of the FOE members we have the resources to expand our property maintenance past our core properties. Will et. al. focused on de-vining and light work addressing the leaners. Will even sent letters to the bordering neighbors educating them of our combined efforts and inviting them to join. The FOE thoughtfully left the big bad stuff for a latter date, perhaps in the winter or early spring if the mood arises.
On behalf of all of the NCLT we appreciate the work of the FOE and Ray Pacchiana.
Dr. Haik Kavookjian