The following photo essay was written and photographed by Susan Bergen.

The wildflower meadow at Silvermine-Fowler is bursting with fall color and offering pollen and nectar to late season pollinators.

The meadow, planted last fall by volunteers, features a combination of native wildflowers and grasses that bloom in succession from spring through fall.  During this first year of bloom, the meadow has become home to all kinds of pollinators-bees, wasps, flower flies, beetles, butterflies and moths- as well as, gold finches, frogs, toads and even a painted turtle who came up from Still Pond to lay her eggs.

Still Pond Preserve is open every day from dawn to dusk.  The wildflower meadow can be reached by walking up the woodland path that runs from the parking area to the pond.

Woodland Sunflowers and Blue Mistflower

A Bumblebee Feasting in the Woodland Sunflowers

Another bumblebee checking out the Joe-Pye Weed

Upland Ironweed, a type of aster

Goldenrod and Coneflowers