The article excerpt below is a wonderful write up about the Land Trust, written by Jeanne Craig and featured in the July/August 2015 edition of the New Canaan-Darien Magazine.
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As the first and only full time employee of the Land Trust, I look to use my position as Executive Director to advance a cohesive strategy for both land stewardship and acquisition of new properties, while maintaining the momentum that has been generated over the past few years. In the process, we have to keep in mind our long term goals and make sure our efforts today are working toward that end. This will include deeper community engagement, a more public effort to garner support through outreach and programming, and combining forces with existing local groups that share our interests. All of this will help us better serve the community and maintain these terrific open spaces throughout town today, and in perpetuity. (Also, we are now up to 379 acres, and hopefully growing 🙂
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Wild Things
A once sleepy nonprofit, the New Canaan Land Trust if making delightful noise about serene space
If there’s one thing Chris Schipper relishes, it’s a long walk in the woods. He takes them very often, because the moments he spends strolling between tall trees and alongside snaking streams give him the chance to clear his mind, decompress and simply enjoy the outdoors. “Nature has always filled me with wonder and awe,” he says. “When you’re out there looking up at one-hundred-year-old trees, you gain a sense of proportion and perspective. You can step back and really appreciate where you are.”
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