Pictured from L-R: Hector, Sofia, Jesse, Alex, Luca


I remember going through five main locations on the first day of this internship: the most memorable locations were Livington-Higley, with its beautiful meadow, and Still Pond, which both had such peaceful sceneries. Going through the paths and preserves, it was so difficult not to take pictures, so I grabbed some to show my friends! There was one preserve that haunted me, though, because of all that garlic mustard. Pulling it out was a pain, and it felt like a curse because there was so much! After learning more about invasive plant species, I made it my mission to pull as much garlic mustard as possible. During this internship, I learned how to use so many different tools. It was one of my first times using a weed wacker, a hand saw, and a chisel and learning how to build! Building three gates for Livingston-Higley was tricky, but we nailed it. During the last week, it was so lovely building a kiosk and going through challenges on how to get everything to fit correctly. Starting off, I knew nobody and could barely talk to anyone, but by the end of the internship, I felt comfortable talking to the other interns. It was so lovely meeting these people, and it was great to connect with them. They were very kind people, and I am so glad I got a chance to do this internship!


Working at the Land Trust this Summer was an unforgettable experience! It was a fantastic opportunity to get outside, learn about the environment, and make a difference in my town. My first day at the Land Trust didn’t exactly go according to plan. Within the first hour, I stepped on a wasp nest. It wasn’t the best first impression. But the next day, we all came for revenge, ready to exterminate those pests and show them who’s boss! That is what I love about this job: we all worked together as a team to fix problems head-on and communicate with each other. My favorite tool I learned to use was the lawnmower. With the lawnmower’s help, I could turn overgrown trails into trimmed walking paths! It was incredibly satisfying to see how my work paid off. The atmosphere of this job was always welcoming and friendly. I was nervous to work with other high schoolers I didn’t know, but to my surprise, we all clicked instantly and became friends! Overall, this internship taught me how important it is to preserve nature and how much of a positive impact the NCLT has on New Canaan. Thank you for this opportunity and fueling my passion for nature and conservation!


I wasn’t sure what to expect from my summer at the Land Trust. However, it quickly became one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. Every day was a new adventure from day one, when we accidentally stepped on a wasp nest, to learning to use various tools and machinery to clear paths and remove invasive species. Friday field trips, like the one to the Stamford Nature Center, were a fantastic way to end the week, providing a break and a chance to learn about local wildlife and connect with nature. Despite my initial nerves about working with other high school students, we quickly became a tight-knit team, tackling every challenge head-on and supporting one another. This internship not only taught me about the importance of nature conservation but also gave me the opportunity to make new friends and develop practical skills that I will carry with me into the future. Thank you for this unforgettable experience fueling my passion for nature and conservation!


The first day was enjoyable. We weren’t even two hours in, and we somehow stepped on a wasp nest, which did not make the wasps happy. But we took it upon ourselves to get some revenge! The rest of the week was cool. We learned how to use various tools, like weed wackers, lawnmowers, and loppers! I liked the weed wacker. There was something so satisfying about seeing perfectly trimmed grass. We also started clearing an invasive species called garlic mustard. It was everywhere. On Friday, we visited the Stamford Nature Center and saw many animals. My personal favorite was the baby goat!


My three weeks with the Land Trust were an enjoyable and informative experience with an outstanding balance of work and fun, learning new things. It’s impossible for me to describe the immense gratification I felt after seeing a trail mowed, water bars installed, gates put in place, kiosk constructed, or invasive plants cleared. Each activity was a chance to learn, connect with nature, and unwind while still getting meaningful work done. Friday field trips were an excellent way to get some much-needed rest, a nice lunch, and learn about our area’s local flora and fauna or community projects. I loved it and would recommend this internship to anyone looking for a fun and informative way to spend their summertime.