Pictured from L-R: Tom, Carsen, Manny, James, Ruth. Not pictured: Kevin


My experience with the Land Trust was a great way to make a difference within a local community. The first week, our intern coordinator Theo led us through constructing a kiosk on the Watson-Symington preserve because the previous one had been knocked down in a storm. This was super interesting, and it was a cool way to problem-solve and figure out how to do complex work in this type of environment.

In the second week, we did a lot of trail maintenance and removal of weeds on various preserves. We used weed wackers and lawnmowers to clean up preserves and remove the overgrowth around them. We also ran a nature hike program with children from the New Canaan Library. It was super cool to help a community organization, and potentially inspiring another group to help in nature was super cool.

In the third week, we spent much time repainting and cleaning the signs and posts that mark the preserves. It showed me the importance of visibility for organizations like this.

Overall, it was a positive experience and let me explore various parts of non-profit environmental organizations. I recommend it to anyone with an interest in nature or environmental causes.


One of the tasks I found particularly rewarding this summer was clearing out the plant beds at Fairgate Farm in Stamford to prepare for the fall planting. It felt great to know that my efforts would contribute to the growth of new plants in the upcoming season.

Another highlight was teaching the kids at the “Bugged About Books” program about slugs (yellow slugs and leopard slugs), worms, and mushrooms. The kids liked it when I would pick up the slugs for them!

Over the course of the internship, I also became more comfortable using tools like the weed whacker. At first, it was a bit intimidating, but with practice, I gained confidence.

All in all, my time at the Land Trust was incredibly fulfilling. Not only did I learn new skills and gain a deeper appreciation for nature, but I also had the opportunity to give back to my community and inspire the next generation of nature lovers.


I was thrilled to join the Land Trust internship last summer, and I enjoyed it so much that I returned this summer and enjoyed it again. I’m considering applying again next summer.

This year’s experience was a blast, from working on trail maintenance at Colhoun and Hannan Field to running a nature hike program with children from the New Canaan Library. One of the coolest parts was learning how to use new tools, and I’m proud to say that I’ve become quite skilled at re-stringing a weed wacker, which was my most improved skill.

We also bottled the 300+ pounds of honey from the twelve bee hives. In total, we bottled a whopping 888 bottles of honey! We were all sticky by the end of the day, but we got to take some honey home to our families.

I also met some awesome new friends during the internship, and we had so much fun together during work and on our field trips, like to Fairfield Audubon, where we got to “Meet the Animals.” Being part of a team of people as enthusiastic about nature and environmental causes as I am was amazing.


As a rising college sophomore majoring in biology at UConn, I was particularly excited to approach the Land Trust internship from a biology major’s perspective. It was an incredible opportunity to apply my academic knowledge to real-world situations and gain hands-on experience in the field.

One of the internship’s highlights was the field trip to Sound Waters, the Long Island Sound conservancy organization. Using dip nets in the Sound, we found a variety of marine life, including silversides, a striped sea robin, a pregnant male pipefish (similar to a seahorse, the male pipefish carry the eggs), and a very aggressive blue crab. It was fascinating to observe these creatures up close and think about their roles in the ecosystem.

Throughout the internship, I deepened my understanding of conservation efforts and the importance of preserving natural habitats. It was gratifying to be part of a team working towards a common goal and to see the impact of our efforts on the community.

The Land Trust internship was an invaluable experience that allowed me to connect my academic studies to practical applications, develop new skills, and contribute to meaningful work. I highly recommend this opportunity to anyone interested in biology. It’s a fantastic way to gain real-world experience while positively impacting the environment.


Getting hands-on experience and making a difference in the community is incredibly important to me, which is why my time at the Land Trust this summer was so rewarding. A highlight was helping with the garlic harvest at Fairgate Farm. It was not only an opportunity to contribute to local agriculture but also a chance to learn about the farm-to-table process.

We encountered several snakes while clearing out a planting bed at the Farm! It was a bit startling at first, but seeing these creatures up close and in their natural habitat was fascinating.

Another memorable experience was doing maintenance at the Firefly Sanctuary. While we were there, we spotted some leopard slugs. It was amazing to see the creatures that lived in the areas we were working in.

Overall, my time at the Land Trust was an educational experience and a fun and rewarding way to spend my summer. I gained a greater appreciation for nature, developed new skills, and made great friends.