Every year since 2014, NCLT has worked with high-school-aged students across New Canaan to introduce them to land stewardship and conservation. This program offers so many unique opportunities for our interns to learn about and preserve New Canaan’s environment. Tasks such as invasive species management, trail maintenance, stone wall building, and educational field trips will provide each intern a comprehensive look at maintaining open space.

We are so happy to welcome our session 2 interns, Jack Craig, Aryan Pal, Drew Deery, Javan Mitchell, and Crawford Wittmann, to NCLT’s team.

Meet Jack Craig:

Jack is 17 years old and is a rising Junior at the Gow School. In his free time, Jack enjoys sports, playing Xbox, and hanging out with friends. “I wanted to work for NCLT to get work experience and learn more about conservation and the environment.”

Meet Aryan Pal:

Aryan is 16 years old and is a rising Senior at New Canaan High School. Aryan plays tennis at the varsity level for NCHS. “I wanted to do the NCLT internship because it was a good internship I could do over the summer that taught me  land conservation. This internship taught me how to identify invasive species and how to properly maintain land.”

Meet Drew Deery:

Drew is 17 years old and is a rising Junior at the Millbrook School. In his free time, Drew enjoys tennis, woodworking, biking, and playing frisbee. “Throughout my time living in New Canaan, there have been many aspects that have increased my love toward nature. However, Waveny Park has always been the largest impact on me. This is why when I had the opportunity to work for Waveny and the other properties across New Canaan, it was a dream come true.”

Meet Javan Mitchell:

Javan is 16 years old and is a rising Senior at New Canaan High School. In his free time, Javan plays soccer, enjoys eating food, and hangs out with friends. I’ve been interning at the land trust for a few years now. Every year I see myself learning new things about the world we live in and how to keep it a better place.”

Meet Crawford Wittmann:

Crawford is 17 years old and is a rising Junior at St. Mark’s. In his free time, Crawford enjoys playing lacrosse and basketball. I wanted to work for NCLT because I love the outdoors and am really passionate about hiking, skiing, etc.”

Be sure to check out our blog every week to be updated on all the work our interns perform. We’re ready to have a great time and make a meaningful impact to New Canaan’s protected land.

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