Over the course of a few days and with the help of many in his troop, Kevin Brunner has completed the installation of almost 120 feet of raised wooden walkway at the NW corner of the meadow on the Colhoun property just off of Davenport Ridge Road in southwest New Canaan.
Kevin and his dad had been out earlier in the year to measure for the amount of walkway necessary to take visitors out of the mud while giving access to the northern, wooded area of the property.
With preparations done last Friday evening, the more than 20 scouts from Troop 70 gathered to install three sections of walkway that will allow visitors to the Land Trust access to the wooded upland section of the 21-acre property.
The requirements for the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project dictate that, as a demonstration of leadership, a Scout must plan the work, organize the personnel needed, and direct the project to its completion. It is safe to say that Kevin has done a fine job in all aspects, at least as far as the Land Trust is concerned.
The New Canaan Land Trust has benefitted in many ways from the help and continued service of local Boy Scout troops. There have been at least a half-dozen projects completed in the last few years, and the Land Trust is always open to new proposals. With three more service projects currently in the works, it looks to be a busy winter and spring for the Scouts. When you visit this and other projects across the Land Trust, consider how fortunate we are to have an engaged and active youth and the means and opportunity to provide the space for the Scouts, and others, to use their outdoor experience to learn and grow.
Here is Kevin described his project, in his own words:
I was able to successfully get a lot of scout helpers both youth and adults and complete the three sections of the walkway. The walkway ended up being just under 120 feet total, with the first section being 48 ft, the second being 32 ft, and the third being 40 ft.
This was longer than expected because we didn’t cut down the 2x12x16’s by a whole lot.
We spent 2 hours on Friday, just under 6 hours on Saturday, and 3 hours and 45 minutes on Sunday, though I still do have to calculate the total man hours. We had a total of 24 people working on the project including me and my dad. It was a great project and I really enjoyed planning it out and executing it with my fellow scouts! Thank you again for all of the help.

Once the moisture returns, these planks will "float" on the sturdy cedar sleepers below.

Measure twice, cut once…

Above: Kevin with fellow Eagle Scout candidate, & 2016 Summer Steward, John Peiser.