Cristen Cottrell

Cristen moved to New Canaan in 2009 where she and her husband Kevin, are raising their two school-aged children. A graduate of Cornell University with a degree in Biometry and Statistics, Cristen worked for several years as a manager at PWC. A change in career lead Cristen to become a trained chef, after which she held various positions in restaurants and catering. These days Cristen can be found holding several volunteer positions at South Elementary School in New Canaan where she is a co-founder of the South School Garden. Cristen has served on the board of New Canaan Community Preschool and is active in the Cornell Alumni Association.

Cristen became familiar with NCLT when her children were toddlers and they began exploring various properties. She has always had a love of hiking and strongly believes that there is immeasurable value in maintaining open spaces, both for our community and our natural resources.