Leaving It Better Than He Found It

Creighton lives next to the Silvermine-Fowler Preserve. He and his siblings love exploring the trails, catching frogs in the wetlands, and skating on Still Pond when it freezes over in the winter. Growing up next to this natural oasis has provided Creighton with countless memories. The easy access to nature has also helped Creighton develop a love and appreciation for the outdoors. 

When Earth Day arrived, Creighton wanted to give something back to the Land Trust.



Creighton hopped in his toy car, drove to the Preserve, and started picking up litter. The pile started with a few discarded water bottles. Then some plastic that had blown in from Silvermine Road.

Before long, Creighton had a whole trunk full of trash! Some of the litter had clearly been there for years; possibly before the Land Trust protected the property in 2017. Other bits of trash had been left by visitors. But that didn’t matter to Creighton, who just wanted to leave the Preserve better than he found it.


“I wanted to help out the earth by picking up trash at the New Canaan Land Trust. I love going over to the Land Trust trails to explore and climb the trees with my brother, my sister and our two dogs. I hate seeing trash because an animal could eat it and get really sick. I love seeing the turtles in the pond, the fox that lives next door and the frogs that are all over and make really cool noises at night. I just want it to stay clean so that the animals are happy.”



After making the short drive home, Creighton dutifully sorted the litter in his driveway. Anything recyclable was separated, and the remaining items were placed in his trash bin.

Creighton collected over 20 pieces of litter on Earth Day, and made a real difference at the Silvermine-Fowler Preserve. Future visitors will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the preserve, without any litter to diminishing their experience. Creighton also helped to protect the wildlife that call the Silvermine-Fowler Preserve “home”. Nearly 50 species of birds, dozens of amphibians, and a host of other creatures are now safer, without the risk of ingesting or suffocating on bits of litter.

Thank you, Creighton, for helping to protect New Canaan’s special places!