A Place to Play, Explore, and Connect with Nature

You are Helping to Inspire the Next Generation of Environmentalists

Growing up, Chris O’Hara loved exploring the woods behind his home. He fondly recalls afternoons spent building forts and catching frogs. Chris, and his wife Roxanne, wanted to ensure that their three kids, Maddie, Jack, and Sam, would be able to grow up with similar experiences.

Accessing unspoiled nature was difficult while living in the city. So, when the O’Haras found a house overlooking the Land Trust’s five-acre Donaldson- Maloney Preserve, they knew they had discovered the perfect place to raise their kids.



Since becoming neighbors of the Land Trust, Chris and Roxanne have watched their kids explore the property on a near-daily basis. “Instead of looking under the couch cushions for the TV remote, our kids love looking under rocks for salamanders and bugs” said Chris.

“Our kid have learned how a stream, a stick, and a pair of rain boots are all you need for hours of entertainment.” – Chris O’Hara

Chris and Roxanne have also helped their kids learn more about the animals that live on the property by installing a trail camera. Roxanne noted that “thanks to the trail camera, Maddie, Jack, and Sam now know that they aren’t the only ones enjoying the space.”

Over the years, they have captured photos of coyotes, otters, raccoons, deer, opossums, turtles, and woodchucks. That’s in addition to countless birds they have seen, including hawks, egrets, and bald eagles.


Last year, with your support, the Land Trust embarked on a plan to improve the wildlife habitat at this preserve.

A bit of brush mowing to clear invasive species, followed by seeding native grasses, has helped to reclaim nearly an acre of meadow. This expanded habitat will provide more food and shelter for the birds, pollinators, and other creatures that live there.

Of course, the O’Haras were happy to lend a hand too. In addition to making a donation to the Land Trust, Chris and Roxanne helped to spread seeds and monitor the progress of the project. Thanks to you, and folks like the O’Haras, the Land Trust is able to ensure that these special places are protected and cared for.

“We are so grateful to the Land Trust” said Chris. “Not just for caring for this land today, but for ensuring that future generations will be able to enjoy it tomorrow.”