Sophia Livecchi, Summer Program Coordinator

Sophia is extremely excited to become part of the NCLT team as the 2020 Summer Program Coordinator, and to supervise the Summer Steward Internship program. Sophia was born in Venice Beach, California, and spent her childhood fascinated and intertwined with the marine and ocean life around her. At age 10, Sophia moved to Connecticut, where she was able to spend the next half of her life appreciating and exploring all the amazing aspects the Northeastern forests and seasons have to offer.  Sophia’s love for the variety of assets and features the outdoor world obtains led her to majoring in Environmental Studies at Skidmore College, where she will earn her Bachelor’s degree by the spring of 2021. After college, Sophia hopes to pursue a career path in environmental law or education, as working with both people and the environment are her strongest passions. Her experience as an environmental intern for both Riverside Farm and Hudson Crossing Park well equip Sophia with the skills needed in order to be a successful leader for the NCLTs interns.