Every year since 2014, NCLT has worked with high-school-aged students across New Canaan, CT to introduce them to land stewardship and conservation. This program offers many unique opportunities for our interns to learn about and preserve New Canaan’s environment. Tasks such as invasive species management, trail maintenance, stone wall building, and educational field trips will provide each intern a comprehensive look at maintaining open space!

We are so happy to welcome our session 1 interns, Vivi Reeves, Alex Hazlin, Alex Schauer, Ben Walter, and Jake Harasiuk, to NCLT’s team!

Meet Vivi Reeves! 

Vivi is 16 years old and is a rising Junior at New Canaan High School! In her free time, Vivi enjoys playing field hockey and running track, and she participates in school clubs such as Model UN and Spectator. She can also be found spending plenty of time outdoors with friends and family! “I wanted to work for NCLT because, since I live right behind one of their properties, I have been able to enjoy the beautiful land they preserve and I wanted to give back!”

Meet Alex Hazlin!

Alex is 17 years old and is a rising Senior at St. Luke’s High School. In his free time, Alex likes to play soccer, tennis, and participate in Social Justice Leadership opportunities! “I joined NCLT because I wanted to get more in touch with nature in Connecticut while helping to maintain these spaces for the community!”

Meet Alex Schauer!

Alex is 14 years old and is a rising Sophomore at New Canaan High School! In her free time, Alex enjoys drawing, skiing, biking, playing tennis, and painting! “The reason I wanted to work for New Canaan Land Trust was to get my first job experience and to gain some skills for the future. My brother had worked for the land trust before, and I wanted to follow his choice for my first summer job!”

Meet Ben Walter!

Ben is 17 years old and is a rising Senior at The Greenwood School in Vermont! In his free time, Ben enjoys storm watching, gardening, cooking, baking, and hiking. “I want to work for the land trust because I love nature and working outdoors!” This is also Ben’s second year with our Summer Steward Internship program, so we’re happy to welcome him back!

Meet Jake Harasiuk!

Jake is 16 years old and is a rising Junior at New Canaan High School. In his free time, Jake enjoys playing the guitar and working outside cleaning trails on my family’s property. “I wanted to work at the New Canaan Land Trust because it’s outside and I can get to do what I enjoy most!

Be sure to check out our blog every week to be updated on all the work our interns perform! We’re ready to have a great time and make a meaningful impact to New Canaan’s protected land!

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